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One of the most respected crane rental companies in Ontario recently purchased 19 Tadano Rough Terrain Cranes, and we will explore a few reasons that attracted GUAY to Tadano Products. 

Renewing the Fleet and Embracing Advanced Technology: 

GUAY’s Executive Vice President, Guillaume Gagnon, emphasized the need to renew their rental fleet, particularly the rough terrain cranes that were showing signs of aging. GUAY invested in new equipment to bring more value to their customers. Tadano’s rough terrain cranes provided a viable solution.  

Reliability and Commonality: 

One of the primary factors that influenced GUAY’s decision to choose Tadano was the brand’s reputation for reliability. Operating in remote areas and challenging winter conditions, GUAY required cranes that would perform reliably in extreme environments. Tadano’s rough terrain cranes met this criterion, providing dependability to support GUAY’s operations. 

Additionally, GUAY appreciated that Tadano’s rough terrain models featured a consistent operation pattern and shared common parts. This commonality simplifies both operation and maintenance, making it easier for GUAY’s technicians and crane operators to work with the equipment effectively. Furthermore, this streamlined approach minimized downtime and potential delays for their customers, enhancing overall productivity. 

Safety and User-Friendly Features: 

GUAY’s commitment to safety greatly influenced their decision-making process. Tadano’s rough terrain cranes excelled in this aspect, offering several features that promoted a safe working environment. A notable safety feature for GUAY’s operating area is the cranes’ low platform height (under six feet). This design feature meets the safety requirements in GUAY’s operating area and means operators can access the cab without using a harness. Moreover Tadano’s rough terrain cranes incorporate technology like the Smart Chart and HelloNet software, which enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Tadano’s rough terrain cranes stand out from the competition for several reasons. Their reliability, commonality of parts, user-friendly operation and safety features all contributed to GUAY’s purchase. For more information about Tadano, sign up for our newsletter below. 

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