Smart and reliable crane control system with the latest features and an optimized user interface for safe and dependable performance during crane operation.


The Tadano AML-F crane control system offers maximum operating comfort for safe and efficient crane operation:

System ready to go as soon as you get to the work site
No unnecessary wait times

Convenient standby function
The control system will be ready for operation immediately after a pause (e.g., for making adjustments on the load)

Main display can be used with touch, buttons, or rotary encoder with pushbutton
Familiar controls for crane operators of all age groups

Memory function with three profiles
Three memory slots for storing a favorite control profile and control joystick sensitivity

Fault indicator and operating instructions
In cleartext and with self-explanatory color coding

Crane control for sophisticated needs

The AML-F control system is the latest control system version for Tadano all-terrain cranes, truck-mounted cranes, and telescopic boom crawler cranes. The intuitive and precise AML-F crane control system makes it possible to achieve short setup times to get going quickly and ensures a high degree of flexibility when it comes to positioning the crane thanks to asymmetrical outrigger positioning capabilities. Add the simple troubleshooting feature, and this results in the ideal control solution for rental cranes, as it makes it possible for them to be used in remote areas by less experienced operators for long durations. Save time and money with simple self-diagnostics. Benefit from improved settings and easy-to-set lifting limits.