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The GR-1000XL-4 features advanced monitoring, reduced emissions and fuel consumption, and maximized outrigger extensions – all in a 100 US ton-capacity crane.

Product Specs

  • BRAND Tadano
  • Capacity 100 USt
  • Boom Extension 33.2 ft – 58.1 ft
  • MAX Radius 160.0 ft
  • Max. Main Boom Length 154.2 ft
  • GVM 117,300 lbs
  • Dimensions 565.9 in L x 130.5 in W x 149.8 in H
  • Axles 2
  • Engine Cummins
  • Drive 4x4x4

product description

Redesigned Reliability with 100 Tons of Capacity

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it! The GR-1000XL-4 was fully redesigned (not fixed, but redesigned) in 2020 and looks ahead with confidence, boasting its 100 USt / 90.7t of capacity. The new GR-1000XL-4 kept the same boom and jib specs as its predecessor, making for a smooth transition. In a world first, this crane has a new Smart Counterweight set up which allows the crane to place the counterweight in two positions which will now boost the radius of the crane substantially.



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