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Tadano impresses once again with outstanding service

Delays on the building site can lead to costly consequences in no time, so it makes life much easier to know you can rely on machines that are renowned for their robustness. This is exactly why crane service provider Schmidbauer has consistently relied on Tadano as part of a large construction project.

EMUGE-FRANKEN is a manufacturer of threading, clamping and milling technology. When construction work became necessary at the machine manufacturer’s headquarters in Lauf an der Pegnitz, EMUGE-FRANKEN turned to the construction company Klebl. Klebl is an expert operating throughout Germany, particularly in the market for industrial and logistics  buildings. The company mostly relies on system construction with prefabricated parts.

When it came to assembling the prefabricated components in this project, the company needed a reliable partner to support the tower cranes already at the job site with the necessary lifts. This is what prompted Klebl to approach the Schmidbauer Group. Schmidbauer is a premium provider of crane rental, special transport and assembly services, from plant and mechanical engineering to the construction, energy and chemical industries, with a total of over 500 employees. Schmidbauer relies on state-of-the-art technology and sophisticated engineering to ensure maximum performance. It has a nationwide network of branches, including a site in Nuremberg, not far from Lauf. The Nuremberg branch, headed by Peter Kratz, is responsible for lifting at the EMUGE-FRANKEN’s plant.

In fact, Schmidbauer and Klebl work hand in hand: “We regularly work alongside Klebl Bau, and we have developed a strong relationship based on this partnership over the years. Klebl construction manager Jürgen Weismann knows exactly which cranes he needs. He told us what he was looking for and we were obviously only too happy to help,” explains branch manager Peter Kratz. A total of four different Tadano ATF cranes are used on the construction site, ranging from 70 to 200 tonnes. In some cases, the machines were on site for a fortnight, carrying out a whole host of different lifting tasks. Thanks to Tadano’s renowned flexibility and user-friendliness, this was a straightforward job for the machines and crane service provider alike.

Unparalleled customer service

“We are very happy to rely on Tadano, as we know we can always count on their machines. This is a crucial factor for us, particularly on large projects like this. Every minute a crane is out of action not only costs money, it also causes real frustration. In the worst-case scenario, delays like this could set back the entire construction process and mean we cannot meet our deadlines,” explains Peter Kratz. This is why he appreciates the ATF cranes from Tadano so much, on account of their robustness. And if ever they need to go in for a service, Kratz is keen to praise the rapid response time of the Tadano service team: “The customer and spare parts service is lightning fast. If we need a spare part, we know we can pick it up from the Tadano factory in Lauf an der Pegnitz within 30 minutes. And if we can’t repair it ourselves, a mechanic is out on site with us in minutes. It’s just exceptional customer service that I couldn’t go without. After all, I need my machines purring and running every day. Tadano takes care of that perfectly.”