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New Tadano ATF 100G-4 for Scholpp Kran & Transport GmbH

The Tadano ATF 100G-4 has won the Scholpp team over with its flexibility.

Flexibility was a key consideration for Scholpp Kran & Transport GmbH when the time came to choose a new crane. The crane service provider from Baden-Württemberg was looking for a machine that could handle both short- and long-term operations with ease. And that’s where the Tadano ATF 100G-4 came in.

Scholpp Kran & Transport GmbH handles up to 10,000 projects a year. The company has around 200 employees working with the help of 72 mobile cranes across branches in Stuttgart, Leonberg, Karlsruhe, Heilbronn, Ludwigshafen and Walldorf to ensure its clients can carry out their projects to perfection. When working with such a large volume of orders, reliability and flexibility are absolutely essential.

Flexibility and reliability essential

This is exactly why Scholpp has been relying on Tadano cranes from Lauf an der Pegnitz for 30 years, as its entire ethos centres around exceptional robustness, user-friendliness and – ultimately – reliability. When the Karlsruhe branch started looking for a flexible crane to handle a wide variety of tasks, there was no doubt about it: it could only be a Tadano. Jan Meißner, Rhine-Neckar Regional Manager at Scholpp, explains: “We were looking for a crane capable of handling a mix of short day-to-day jobs and the occasional long-term project on construction sites. The Tadano ATF 100G-4 was the obvious choice for taking on these different requirements. Not only is it compact and robust enough to handle the tasks of a high-speed crane, but it is also powerful enough to work on larger construction sites. This makes it incredibly versatile.”

Endless possibilities within a 12 t axle load

Offering 12 counterweight variants in total, the 100 is exceptionally flexible. This gives the Scholpp team the choice of which additional equipment they want to take with them on the crane within the legally prescribed axle loads. Whether it’s a 7.6 t counterweight without boom extension or a 6 t counterweight with 18 m double-folding jib, the 4-axle crane can handle both within the 12 t axle load.

Another highlight of the ATF 100G-4 in terms of flexibility is its asymmetrical outrigger base control, which allows it to achieve high lifting capacity in tight spaces and with outrigger beams extended to various distances. The extension length of all four outrigger beams is determined automatically and the position of the superstructure is recorded.  Based on these values, the crane control system determines the maximum possible lifting capacity depending on the slewing angle.

Continuity trumps all

In addition to the technical highlights of the 100 and the resulting flexibility it offers, the long-standing relationship with Tadano sales team also spoke in favour of the crane manufacturer from Franconia. “We have been relying on Tadano and Demag for about 30 years now, and we have had the pleasure of having Michael Zieger as our point of contact for all that time. Where else can you find that kind of continuity these days? It’s something we appreciate very much. Tadano knows what we need. The technical expertise offered by their consultants is better than anything we’ve ever experienced before,” explains Jan Meißner.

No sooner had the ATF 100G-4 arrived at its new home than it was put straight through its paces. The crane had its first major deployment right away in a mineral oil refinery where repairs and overhaul work were pending. Over a period of six weeks, the 100 was able to demonstrate its flexibility and performance, true to the Scholpp motto of ‘Precision work with the heaviest loads.’

Extended range of services

And because we never stand still or rest on our laurels at Scholpp and the company is always oriented towards meeting the requirements of its customers, as of 1 January 2021, the offer was extended to include the whole services portfolio of Scholpp machine relocations. According to the motto ‘lift, move and do everything possible’, Scholpp relocates all kinds of machines and facilities. Caterpillar tracks, air-film technology, forklifts and special equipment are used in addition to professional crane services and perfectly complete the range of services offered by the Scholpp team.