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New Tadano ATF 100G-4 for D&K Tiefbau

Rarely will a site be as dust-free as in this photo: the new ATF 100G-4 from D&K Tiefbau will be used to full capacity in the future to help with construction and demolition work at construction pits.

When it comes to civil engineering, machines have to give everything they’ve got. Dust and moisture put an enormous amount of strain on the material. Fortunately, Tadano cranes are known for their robustness and resilience, and it is qualities like these that convinced D&K Spezial Tiefbau GmbH & Co KG when the time came for them to choose their new four-axle crane.

D&K Tiefbau offers its customers all-round service for construction projects that require safe construction pits. From turnkey construction pits and positioning sheet-pile and pile walls through to anchoring and pile installation, the company based in Bad Grönenbach in the Allgäu region of Germany handles consulting, planning, conceptual design, logistics and ultimately the execution of the construction work. The company’s extensive and highly specialised fleet has also included several Tadano cranes for years. So when it was time to add a new member to the team, the construction company once again opted for a machine from the crane manufacturer from Lauf an der Pegnitz in the form of an ATF 100G-4.

As robust as it gets

The company has many reasons for staying loyal to Tadano, but the robustness of its cranes is worth a particular mention. “The Tadano machines are always ready to go, and the chances of major repairs being needed are very slim. This means the cranes are always working to capacity, which is brilliant for us,” explains D&K Managing Director Alexander Dreier. And this still applies despite the enormous loads that the vehicles are subjected to in the special civil engineering sector.

When setting up for construction pits, the cranes not only lift building materials or machines into the pit, but also handle the lifting that is necessary as part of the construction pits enclosure. This means that when sealing and sheet-pile walls are positioned or dismantled, the cranes are right on the front line. The dirt, moisture and vibrations that occur during this construction and vibrating work really put the material through its paces. It’s a good thing that Tadano relies on highly robust fine-grained steel in the structure of its cranes. This material is particularly resistant and the cranes can withstand even the most inhospitable environmental conditions and loads.

Satisfied crane drivers

But it is not only the material of the cranes that can’t be faulted; the new ATF 100G-4 impressed D&K thanks to its exceptional performance and compact dimensions. The four-axle crane has a maximum radius of 58 m and takes up only around 13 x 2.75 m on the crane site. Thanks to the asymmetrical outrigger base control, the 100 can always achieve the maximum possible lifting capacity no matter how far the outrigger beams are extended.

The machine also shows what it’s made of on the way to the construction site: With a total of twelve counterweight variants, you can rest assured of being ready to handle every requirement knowing you are always carrying the appropriate counterweight and the necessary additional equipment. For example, the four-axle crane can carry 6 tonnes of counterweight to the job along with an 18 m double-folding jib within 12 t of axle load.

The crane drivers at D&K Tiefbau couldn’t be happier with the new crane, either: “It’s just a whole load of fun to drive the crane. It’s always fully operational and doesn’t break down – even when it’s really been put through its paces. If there is ever a problem, the Tadano service team is there to help me in no time at all. On a similar note, I have never had any problems with the Tadano 90, either, which I have been working with for the past few years,” shares D&K crane driver Tomasz Buro. 

This makes the ATF 100G-4 a well-rounded solution for crane companies and their crane drivers alike. At D&K Spezial Tiefbau, it comes up trumps with its resistance, flexibility and highly robust vehicle steel. This makes it the perfect choice, especially when the going gets rough.