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New Tadano ATF 70G-4 for Alex Grund

The Alex Grund team is delighted with its new endurance runner: the 52.1 m model of the Tadano ATF 70G-4.

Hamburg-based crane service provider Alex Grund has been counting on Tadano for 20 years now with great success, and the company has recently added an ATF 70G-4 to its growing fleet. It’s like the old saying goes: Never change a winning team. The company particularly appreciates the reliability and flexibility they know they can expect from both the crane itself and Tadano as a whole.

“And it just runs and runs and runs,” enthuses Martin Peter about his Tadano ATF 65G-4. Peter is the Hamburg branch manager of crane service provider Alex Grund. The company is primarily active in the Hamburg area and throughout Schleswig-Holstein.

Flexibility trumps all

But even the most successful relationships come to an end eventually, which is why branch manager Martin Peter has now replaced the well-loved ATF 65G-4 with an ATF 70G-4 with a 52.1 m main boom. The new addition boasts the same impressive qualities as the ATF 65G-4, but it is even more powerful and flexible than its predecessor. “It’s a real taxi crane and it’s on the road all day from one construction site to the next. This is what we liked about the ATF 65G-4 and the same can be said of the ATF 70G-4. Now we have a second 70 in the group, we can be flexible with distributing the counterweights and so we are prepared for all eventualities,” raves Peter.

And as a Tadano expert, he should know. More than 90 per cent of Alex Grund’s fleet is made up of Tadano and Demag machines, with the full range represented from the 400 to the AC 40 City. According to Peter, the reasons for this are obvious: “We couldn’t be happier with Tadano as a manufacturer. The company meets all of our needs, the service is super and the machines themselves are just top-notch!”

Benefits for crane drivers and operators

What he likes about the new ATF 70G-4 is its robustness, user-friendliness and, of course, the flexibility already mentioned. Thanks to a multitude of variable configurations with regard to the counterweight or boom extensions, for example, the 70 can also be driven under a 10 t axle load. It’s a real bonus when things have to move quickly, because special driving permits are not necessary for these loads.

Last but not least, the economical Tadano dual-engine concept and assistance systems such as the Lift Adjuster for picking up loads with reduced swinging also speak in favour of the 4-axle crane. This makes the ATF 70G-4 a real all-rounder with a whole host of advantages for crane drivers, planning departments and owners alike. Advantages that Martin Peter is delighted with, too: “The 70 is like a Swiss army knife that never stops going. No sooner had it joined our fleet than it was straight to work laying slabs and positioning stairs. No standing still, just getting the job done. That’s the way it goes with the 70 and it’s a whole load of fun.”