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Jaromin takes delivery of first Tadano GTC-800EX telescopic crawler crane in Germany

Left to right: Olaf Jaromin and Helge Prüfer (Tadano Demag Sales Manager)

Tadano and Tadano Demag telescopic cranes have been a regular fixture in Auto-Krandienst Jaromin GmbH’s fleet for a long time. And now, the crane service provider from Oberhausen, in the Ruhr area has expanded its commitment to these two brands by putting its very first Tadano telescopic crawler crane, a new GTC-800EX, into operation. “Not only that, but it’s also the very first unit of that model to be delivered in Germany,” says Tadano Demag Sales Manager Helge Prüfer, who was in charge of the sale.

Jaromin found the new Tadano® GTC-800EX crane’s excellent lifting capacities during lifting and when traveling under load to be highly compelling. “And that’s especially true for work in inclined positions – in fact, the load chart shows that the GTC-800EX is the best-in-class crane at an inclination of 4°,” Jaromin General Manager Olaf Jaromin highlights. He then goes on to mention additional advantages, including the fact that the machine can be set up and disassembled quickly and easily, the automatic track width detection – even in asymmetrical configurations with lifting capacity calculations –, and last, but not least, the intuitive AML-C crane control system. In addition, he considers the Internet-based Hello-Net telematic crane management system for locating units and monitoring machine data to be another key benefit. Finally, the unit’s heavy-duty engineering and good safety systems for crane operators also played a crucial role in the purchase decision: “Even before looking at optional extras, the GTC-800EX already comes with extremely high-quality standard equipment with an undeniably attractive price–performance ratio,” Olaf Jaromin points out.

The first real test for the GTC-800EX came right after the handover: At a work site in Essen, the crane lifted material for pipe ramming into a pit. “It really passed the test with flying colors. And if the GTC-800EX continues to do this well, it’s very well possible that it’ll be joined by more GTC crawler cranes in the future,” Olaf Jaromin predicts.