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Home game for the Tadano ATF 50G-3

When the main Tadano plant in Lauf an der Pegnitz decided to set up a housing for its crane washing bays, it went without saying that only a machine from the company’s own fleet would do. The construction of the steel structure was supported by a Tadano ATF 50G-3 courtesy of Nuremberg crane service provider Gebrüder Markewitsch GmbH. Now that’s what you call a home game for the three-axle crane.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the company Gebrüder Markewitsch GmbH. With its fleet of more than 70 mobile cranes, the traditional company with seven branches in Franconia is a general service provider for all kinds of heavy-duty tasks. Its range of machines extends from two-axle 30-tonne cranes right through to 500-tonne 8-axle models, and an extensive part of the fleet comes from Tadano.

Winter wash bay sought and found

One of the leaner Markewitsch machines, a Tadano ATF 50G-3, now had the opportunity to return to its birthplace to assist with the roofing and enclosure of the two crane washing bays at Tadano’s main plant in Lauf an der Pegnitz. This work was necessary as part of an investment in further process optimisation at the site, which involved Tadano repurposing the former covered winter washing bay to create a small parts painting area. But for the crane manufacturer to continue to guarantee washing of the cranes even in adverse weather conditions, it had to create a housing for its former outdoor washing areas. Now, thanks to a pit and a surrounding platform, it is possible to carry out comprehensive washing work even over winter or in bad weather.

One-man job for the three-axle crane

The ATF 50G-3 was tasked with lifting several dozen girders and posts of the steel structure as well as the roof structure, which were placed on top of the open wash bays. The heaviest steel trusses weighed in at 2 tonnes. Altogether, the area to be enclosed covers an area of 20 x 20 m and is over 7 m high.

For Gebrüder Markewitsch GmbH and its three-axle crane, these tasks were a piece of cake: the ATF 50G-3 with its 40 m long main boom and maximum lifting radius of 46 m was able to handle this construction site single-handedly without any problems. Andre Markewitsch, Managing Director of the crane service provider, was delighted with the outcome: “Our 50-tonner was able to use this home game to show exactly what it’s made of yet again: it’s compact, flexible and yet powerful enough to handle even medium-sized jobs independently. And this is precisely what we love about the Tadano three-axle crane.”