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Tadano ATF 70G-4 in operation

When things get tight on the construction site and there’s no room for compromises in terms of performance, Merkel Autokrane GmbH often calls on its Tadano 4-axle crane. This is exactly what happened when the company was tasked with constructing an apartment building in Nuremberg.

Nuremberg is no different from other major German cities in that housing is in short supply. This is why you will often see apartment buildings under construction in a bid to tackle this less than ideal situation. The construction companies working on these projects are faced with two particular challenges: On the one hand, urban streets are usually very cramped, and on the other, lifting work has to be carried out quickly in order to minimise disruption to traffic. Luckily enough, this is no problem at all for a crane service provider with a compact and reliable crane in its fleet to provide the ideal support for handling these tasks. Merkel Autokrane GmbH recently called upon a Tadano ATF 70G-4 for precisely such a task with successful results.

Crane lifting made easy

Merkel Autokrane is headquartered in the Franconian town of Schlüsselfeld, with other branches located in Bamberg, Burgkunstadt and Nuremberg. Owner and managing director Günther Merkel works with his 28-strong team under the motto of “Merkel keeps it simple, Merkel keeps it light”.

This slogan is also fitting for the Tadano 4-axle crane that was used in Nuremberg, as Günther Merkel knows well: “Our 44-metre boom-version ATF 70G-4 is impressively reliable, incredibly user-friendly, and its compact dimensions make it easy for us to get jobs done effortlessly – even in confined spaces.”

Efficient approach

The Tadano ATF 70G-4 is only 12.45 metres long and less than 2.66 metres wide with 16.00   tyres. Combined with the clean axle loads of the 4-axle, these compact dimensions make getting to the job site particularly easy and cost-effective. Issues with narrow access roads are a thing of the past. On the project in Nuremberg, Merkel Autokrane was able to carry the entire necessary counterweight within an axle load of 12 tonnes – without additional transport. This was ideal for both the operator and the customer alike.

Once on site, concrete elements weighing 4 to 5 tonnes, which were needed for the construction of the apartment complex, had to be lifted to a height of about 25 metres. This was no problem at all for the team from Merkel Autokrane thanks to the 44-metre main boom of the Tadano ATF 70G-4. After all, you never have to compromise on performance with a Tadano. The lift was completed in no time and both the crane service provider and the customer were delighted with a project well done.