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Second Tadano HK 40 for MSG Krandienst

The MSG team is delighted to add a second HK 40 to its fleet

In their quest to cover an ever-greater range of applications, crane service providers need machines that combine powerful performance on the construction site with efficiency on the road. It is for these and many more reasons besides that MSG Krandienst GmbH decided to add a second Tadano HK 40 to its fleet.

For over 25 years now, MSG Krandienst GmbH has been making light work of even the most challenging projects. MSG offers a whole host of services in the fields of crane rental, heavy goods transport and project logistics. With several branches located between Karlsruhe and Weil am Rhein, the company has been growing steadily since 1994 and now boasts a highly qualified team of 100 employees along with a truly impressive fleet of cranes. It really does have all bases covered with models ranging from 40 to 750 tonnes, and it never compromises on quality, so it’s hardly surprising that the majority of its fleet is made up of Tadano cranes.

Maximum satisfaction

MSG Managing Director Björn Jatz was so impressed with the company’s original Tadano HK 40 that it wasn’t long before he decided to order the very same again: “The HK 40 has the best lifting capacity in its class. Tadano’s trademark dual-engine concept makes this crane a particularly economical solution for us, especially on our trans-regional projects.” MSG ordered the 40-tonne model complete with Volvo chassis and a full counterwieght of 5.5 tonnes. 

The MSG team particularly enjoys the advantages afforded by this crane for prefabricated house construction and construction sites spanning greater distances. With independent engines for the carrier and superstructure, the HK 40 cuts down on the costs of operation and maintenance. And as if all this weren’t enough, MSG can also take advantage of great flexibility. The re-engineered counterweight distribution of the HK 40 makes it easier to grant permissions and even carry more counterweight. The asymmetrical outrigger base of the 40-tonner also offers more room for manoeuvre on site. What’s more, the ability to extend the outrigger beams to different lengths ensures optimum performance on even narrow construction sites.

Optimum service

Björn Jatz is also a huge fan of the merger between Tadano and Demag, especially in terms of service: “The maintenance teams from Tadano and Demag are trained together in-house, which gives us access to an even tighter service network that we know we can always rely on if the worst comes to the worst. And this in turn allows us to become more flexible, too,” Björn Jatz enthuses confidently. So with the new HK 40, you could say that MSG has bought not only a high-quality new crane, but has also ensured a good service.